How VR Tours Can Help You Sell Commercial Property Faster

VR tours for commercial property are starting to become more popular. The reasons why are simple: VR tours get more views on listings, more repeat views on listing, and convert more listings to sales, faster. Already being used often in residential real estate, VR tours for commercial real estate are starting to emerge as the premier way to list online. For real estate agents, VR tours are saving them time and money spent on marketing, and it is increasing the amount of qualified leads coming their way. 

To give you a clear idea of why you should be using VR tours for commercial real estate, here are six compelling factors to consider.

1. Have Unlimited Showings in a Short Amount of Time

As a real estate agent, you can only schedule so many physical showings and walkthroughs a day. Your time is limited to just a handful, and it is likely that the people walking the property are just browsing. VR tours for commercial property allow an unlimited amount of people to “walk through” a property without having to contact you first. They can view it again and again and see every detail from the comfort of their own home or office. It is like having hundreds of showings a day with little effort on your part.

2. Increase Conversions by Having Higher Interest at Showings

If someone views your property online through a VR tour and then schedules a showing, they are probably highly interested in purchasing the property. Typically, people use physical showings to decide if they are interested in pursuing a property more and are likely to be looking at several properties. A VR tour is so detailed that a viewer can gather most of the buying-decision data they need before they come to you. If they request a showing, then they are likely ready to make a purchase decision. 

3. Go Beyond the Limitations of Traditional Property Tours

Traditional commercial property tours are limited by the time constraints of the real estate agent and the viewer, as well as other possible restrictions. For instance, if you schedule a showing and the weather turns foul, you may have to cancel. Many times, a potential buyer will walk through a property with the real estate agent and take their own pictures to review later. A VR tour gives a much more detailed look into a property than photos from a phone, plus the tour is likely filmed in the most optimal conditions. Another advantage of having a VR tour is the ability to show other aspects of the commercial property, like aerial views and land around it. 

4. Increase Views to Your Online Listings

Statistics show that listings with VR tours get much more views than listings with only 2D photos. They also get more repeat views. The more views you get to your listing, the more interested buyers you’ll get. Any real estate agent knows that the more eyes you can get on a property, the faster you can sell it. Also, having multiple interested buyers can increase the demand for the property and possibly increase the value as well, i.e. bidding wars, etc. 

5. Increase the Perceived Value of a Property

On a psychological level, things perceived to be more valuable are considered more desirable. VR tours make a property listing stand out against traditional photo-only listings. It adds a “higher-end” appeal and thus makes a property appear to be more valuable to the viewer. A VR tour is not that expensive to do, but it makes the viewer perceive the property as something the seller has really invested in. 

6. Market Your Property Before it is Finished

What could be faster than selling your commercial property before it is even finished? Some companies are using VR tours to show walkthroughs of properties as they are being built. The progress entices potential buyers to follow along and it builds interest over the course of the project. Also, you can show a VR tour using 3D renderings and projected designs of your property to give the viewer a look at the finished product before it is completed. 

7. Get Ahead of The Market as a Leader in Your Industry

Not everyone is using VR tours for commercial property…yet. Including VR tours on your properties will not only increase views to your listings and potential sales, it will also speak volumes about your real estate company. This isn’t just because more views on your listings also mean more views on your company. Just as a property is considered more valuable when it includes a VR tour, your company will have an edge over others. Branding is a big deal nowadays. VR tours will help your brand get noticed more and stand out. 

If you’d like to learn more about how you can use VR tours to sell more commercial properties, contact Miro 3D. We use Matterport technology to give you top-of-the-line VR tours for your listings without you breaking the bank. Talk to us today and start selling your commercial properties faster. 

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