Top 10 Ways to Make Your Virtual Tour Amazing

Top 10 Ways to Make Your Virtual Tour Amazing

If you’re in real estate, you probably already know about virtual tour technology. It has become one of the most effective ways to digitally show off a home. Virtual tours get more views, more clicks, and increase buyer interest substantially. If you aren’t using it by now in your home listing, then you should start right away.

But to get the most out of virtual tours, you need to make sure you take the right approach. Here are several ways you can enhance the value and experience of virtual tours and make them amazing.

  1. Stage the home strategically.

Never show off an empty house. While it may seem beneficial to show a blank canvas to potential buyers so they can see the open space, it can actually hurt your chances of finding high-interest buyers. People need to visualize themselves within the home. Strategic staging helps them do that. Use familiar furniture and other objects that viewers can associate with to help them capture a sense of scale. For extra rooms like home offices and game rooms, place objects and furniture that can help them see it’s functionality and versatility. An example of this would be to put workout equipment in the room instead of a desk.

  1. Light it up.

Lighting in a home is one of the most sought after features that home buyers look for. Make sure your virtual tour shows bright, consistent lighting throughout the home. Rooms that appear to dim actually look smaller and less inviting to viewers. Brighten it up with open windows and lights on to show off the warmth of the home.

  1. Make it a self-guided tour.

Give viewers complete control over each view, with the ability to move around through each room and view it from different angles. The more control they have over the virtual tour, the longer they will stay within the tour. This improves the overall experience and generates more buyer interest.

  1. Use views that stand on their own.

Using a virtual tour is not just about taking photos of every corner of the house. Make sure you position photos that show the connections to other spaces in the house. Show how each area flows into the next, while keeping overall visibility high.

  1. Show off unique features of the home.

Don’t just capture all of the big picture shots in your virtual tour. If the home has unique features or interesting niches in it, then be sure to show them off. Even if it doesn’t seem all that important, spaces like this show off the home’s personality. Some examples are showing off built in bookshelves, outdoor patios, or reading nooks.

  1. Don’t skip the exterior.

Virtual tours are not just beneficial for showing the interior of a home in all its glory. They also work great for highlighting the exterior of a home. Curb appeal still weighs heavily for home buyers. Start the tour from the street and then work your way into the home. Show off features of the yard, driveway, and exterior of the home. If there is a porch or patio, make sure you give enough attention to that as well.

  1. Mention the virtual tour in your listing and other materials.

Aside from just getting the right shots, make sure you point potential buyers your virtual tour with specific references to certain shots. In your listing, mention certain rooms and features that they can see in the virtual tour that are most appealing. Let the viewer know they can use their smartphone to see it as well. Continually point them to the virtual tour so you can get the most out of it.

  1. Optimize for mobile viewing.

This is a big one. Make sure your virtual tour video is compatible and loads quickly on every type of mobile device. With newer, better phones available, ensure your tours are compatible and use the VR features to your benefit. Aside from compatibility, your virtual tour video needs to load quickly and be glitch free without any crashes so viewers have the best possible experience.

  1. Still include 2D photos and floor plans.

Having a virtual tour is an amazing tool for showing houses. However, don’t only include a virtual tour in your listing. Include 2D high-quality photos and the floor plan in your listing as well. These can complement the virtual tour well and give an even better overall view and feel for the home.

  1. Promote your virtual tours with digital marketing.

Once you have an amazing virtual tour in place, you need to get the most ROI out of it by promoting it. Share it on social sites like Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. Mention in every lead you get on the property. Run advertisements on social sites and websites like Google. Don’t just get a virtual tour and put in on your listing. Use it to its fullest potential by marketing it.

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