Preparing for a home virtual tour can seem like a breeze, but it might actually be a lot of work. If you are listing your home, make sure to utilize a home virtual tour. However, you need to plan a full day of prepping to get your house just right. You will want your house to look the best it ever has been when you do a home virtual tour. Virtual tours are already reshaping real estate and how we interact in the homebuying process. Buyers like having more options to view a home, and more photos do not mean they won’t want to tour the house. Let’s take a look at some tips to get you ready for a home virtual tour.

Turn All Overhead Lights On

You want the glow of the lights to brighten a room and make your pictures crystal clear. This can help the buyer not be confused. The condition of the house will be highlighted during your home virtual tour.

Thoroughly Clean House

You are going to need to declutter every room, and deep clean every room. It’s one of the best ways to prepare for a home virtual tour because those photos are going to pick up everything. Make sure to rub down baseboards as well as mop grime filled floors. You must also deep clean your bathroom as that can be a hotspot for dirt and unseen grime during a home virtual tour.

Turn All Fans Off

You don’t want the motion blur captured in the home virtual tour. It can be distracting. Just check each room before starting.

Turn Tv and Computers off

For all that is holy in the world, make sure to turn off your devices. Not only is it distracting, but there could be something inappropriate onscreen. That may make a negative connotation about your home from a potential buyer. Be smart and prepared during the home virtual tour.

Make Sure Natural Light is Getting In

Pull back the curtains and let some natural light in. This will allow for the pictures to be more clear. It will also demonstrate during the home virtual tour how much natural light enters in. You can also use this tip for a physical home tour. Make sure to make those windows shine as it can be a big help.

Hide Garbage Can

Buyers try to project themselves when they tour a home. Getting rid of items that don’t bring wow factor to the home can help this. A trash can is going to look more like an eyesore than a winning factor.

Clear Back Yard of Toys and Pet Waste

If you want to capture the yard make sure to spruce it up. Clearing out old children’s toys can really help with this. Also, you don’t want anything disgusting caught on camera so clean up the pet waste. You can stage your yard perfect for the shot and it is one of many reasons you should use home virtual tours to sell your house.

Close Garage Doors

During your virtual home tour, you will want to make the home look uniform. Closing your garage doors makes the house seem not lived in. It can also be a great way to hide any mess.

Remove Cars From the Front of Yard

This will help you by capturing a clear picture of the outside. Your yard and parking area will look clutter-free. It helps buyers feel as if the home has been taken care of. 

Clean Front and Back Porch

You will want to clean your porches as they are a big selling feature for buyers. It can help sell a house sight unseen if it is one of their must-haves. Your should sell the big features of the home and improve them. You will also want to deep clean the porch, try power washing if you can.

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