How Virtual Reality is Changing Real Estate Marketing Forever

How Virtual Reality is Changing Real Estate Marketing Forever

Virtual reality and real estate have collided and formed a new approach to home buying and selling that is changing the game. Now, someone searching for a new home or apartment can simply strap on a pair of plastic goggles, stroll through the property in virtual reality and buy it without ever having been there in “real life”.

Years ago, the internet shook up the real estate market when agencies began placing their listings online. The industry was forever changed. The same thing is happening with the introduction of virtual reality. Just like internet technology has, the price of VR technology has become much more affordable, and most importantly, easy to use. Add to that the growing global expansion of real estate markets and the adoption of new technologies by real estate agencies – VR seems to be the next logical step in creative real estate marketing.


Why Does It Work So Well?

Companies like Matterport are using sophisticated software to give house shoppers an interactive, 360-degree view of each room. Traditional photo slide shows have been the norm, but they don’t provide such a comprehensive look at every aspect of house’s interior. VR also has a powerful tool on its side that is beyond technological advances – emotion. Just like walking through a house in-person gives the house shopper a much more emotional response than looking at photos, virtual tours help people get a good “feel” for a house.

House shoppers also love the use of virtual reality because it gives them a much more authentic look at a house than what an agent my show them. Agents can draw shoppers’ attention to certain features and try to conceal certain other elements that may discourage them from buying. With virtual tours, shoppers can view every aspect of a home, not just what staged photos might show them. VR also helps onlookers become more connected to the environment, much like VR gamers feel when they are immersed in a digital world.

How Can Real Estate Agents Use This Technology?

With virtual tour technology, agents can list homes that are “always open” houses. Instead of setting up viewing for customers who are just shopping around, agents can point people to the virtual tour and let them have a walkthrough to view everything as if they were there in person. By using 3D virtual tours, home shoppers are 95% more likely to call and 300% more engaged. The result is agents working with shoppers who are much more ready to buy when they do speak to the agent.

This technology has also become a valuable resource for attracting agents to join an agency. By offering premium tools like 3D virtual tour technology, agents will be more likely to work with you, and more likely to make sales, and appreciative of how it helps build their own reputation. Over time, the experience you provide your customers will impact your brand and grow your reputation as an innovative firm.

If you would like to learn more about how 3D virtual tours can grow your real estate agency, bring you more qualified leads, and close more home sales, then check out our products. We offer a wide array of virtual technology to help you win in your business and get happy customers.

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