Why Car Dealerships Should Be Using Virtual Tours for Cars

Why Car Dealerships Should Be Using Virtual Tours for Cars

You might be thinking, “virtual tours for cars?” While the 3D photography technology has become a staple of successful real estate listings, most people don’t realize that virtual tours for cars are a thing. When it comes to homes, shoppers love the idea of touring a home and seeing every angle as if they were there in person. In fact, the experience greatly increases the chance of someone choosing the home as apposed to homes with just traditional 2D photos.

So, it only makes sense that virtual tours would have the same effect on people searching for a car. Car dealerships are always looking for ways to sell more cars and to see better returns on their marketing dollars.

If you’re in the car business, here’s why you should be using virtual tours for cars.

  1. Buyers spend more time on virtual tour listings

When someone comes in to a car dealership to look at a car, they want to sit in it, look around, see how the car looks from the inside, and imagine themselves driving it. A virtual listing gives them almost the same experience. That’s why buyers spend 3-6X more time on virtual listings. The longer they hang around, the more likely they will make a decision. This helps the salesman as well as buyers show up more ready to purchase a car right away.

  1. Dealerships with virtual tours stand out

The quality of the shopping experience says a lot about a company. Let’s face it, car dealerships get a bad rap when it comes to the sales experience. People tend to dread coming into a dealership to shop. Virtual tours for cars gives the customer a go-at-your-own-pace shopping experience. They can see every inch of a car and make a decision before coming. Because you provide this experience, shoppers will already have a positive experience with your company before ever stepping foot in your dealership.

  1. Virtual tours generate more leads and sales calls

Google research has shown that 3D virtual tours increase business traffic by 41% overall and 130% with people between 18 and 34. Clearly, the next generation of car buyers prefer the online shopping experience before coming to see you. Providing virtual tours for cars is small investment to make compared to the potential return. Your phone will ring more and you’ll be setting your company up to grow and compete into the future.

  1. Buyers can shop anytime

With a virtual tour, you give the buyer a chance to shop for a car like they were in your dealership anytime they want. Even if it’s the middle of the night, they can browse cars and “step inside” them for as long as they like. They can also do their car shopping from their couch or while lying in bed. This is ease of use creates a positive shopping experience for the car buyer and increase the likelihood that they shop with you.

  1. Virtual tours are viewable on any device

Speaking of convenience, virtual tours for cars are viewable from any device. Whether someone is browsing on their smartphone during their lunch break or using a tablet while lounging on the couch, they’ll get the full virtual tour experience. This is especially true if they are using a VR headset. This means that your online car listings are able to work for you constantly, always able to bring in new leads and sales.

If you run a car dealership and are looking for ways to make more car sales and get more leads, then consider virtual tours for cars. Real estate agents have been seeing the benefits for several years now and it’s now time for you to see those same kind of results. If you’d like to learn more about how virtual tours can be used to help you sell more cars and make happier customers, then contact us today. You and your customers will be glad you did.

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