Using Virtual Tours for Your Airbnb Listing

Using Virtual Tours for Your Airbnb Listing


In late 2017, Airbnb announced that it would begin exploring the use of virtual reality to improve the overall experience for its community. This is a great step for Airbnb as it opens the door for a better user experience and better marketing abilities for listers. Although virtual tours are gaining popularity in real estate marketing, and for good reason, it is just now catching on for companies like Airbnb and for industries like hotels. There are many similarities to its usage in real estate marketing, but there are some key difference that make is a powerful tool for Airbnb’ers.

With a virtual tour, people can “walk around” your property and see every room as if they were there in person. Here’s how that helps specifically with Airbnb rentals.

  1. Takes travel planning to a new level

We all draw inspiration from different things. When traveling, you can use virtual tours of your Airbnb to give travelers a better visualization of where they will be staying and how the space feels. With a virtual tour, people can make your Airbnb part of their destination, not just a place they stay when they reach their destination. With a virtual tour, viewers can connect more emotionally and experience a place as if they were there. This increases their chances of choosing your Airbnb over others. You can show off unique features of your place that 2D photos can’t quite display.

  1. Help travelers connect better with the local culture

With a better connection happening with your place, virtual tours also add a deeper connection with the local culture. In various locales around the world, the spaces look and feel differently as a reflection of culture. For instance, in Europe, some sections of homes and apartments might look unusually small to Americans, like the kitchen, or bedrooms. With a virtual tour, a viewer can get a better feel for a place and understand how each room flows into the next, and the charm it offers. You can also give people a sense of familiarity before they travel. This is a huge plus for people traveling to foreign countries and don’t quite know what to expect yet.

  1. Makes you stand out from other listings

Lastly, a virtual tour of your Airbnb, will make you stand out from the increasingly growing competition. With more people listing on Airbnb every day in cities around the world, you need to get creative to separate yourself from the crown. You’ll give your listing an edge with professionalism and openness. Viewers can see every aspect on your listing and make a confident decision on staying at your place. Listings with virtual tours also get more clicks, more viewing time, and higher conversion rates. It’s a small investment compared to the return it offers.

Using a virtual tour for your Airbnb listing offers a ton of benefits. You’ll stand out from the competition, help people connect better with your place and the local culture, and you’ll ultimately make more money as you get more renters. If you want to learn more about how virtual tours can help you book more people at your Airbnb, then talk with us today. At Miro 3D, we offer the latest in technology to make your property more desirable and ultimately make you more money.

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