3 Ways to Stand Out When Everyone is a Real Estate Expert

3 Ways to Stand Out When Everyone is a Real Estate Expert

Real estate agents are a fast growing group of workers. More and more people everyday are getting their real estate license and selling homes to make a living. It’s a flooded workforce full of experts boasting experience, knowledge, and results. As a real estate agent, it can be difficult to find a competitive edge and really stand out among your peers and competitors. Most agencies provide agents with solid tools and resources to do their job well and succeed, but getting to that next level of results and influence is a challenge.

To really grow your personal brand as a real estate agent and get to that next level will require you do get creative in your marketing. Here are three ways you can stand out as a real estate agent in a crowded expert industry.


  1. Use Social Media…Consistently

Using social media as a marketing tool is nothing new. You, as a real estate agent are more than likely doing it already. However, the challenge with marketing on social media is not so much the content, although that is important. It is the consistency. Posting about new properties regularly, sharing valuable resources, engaging potential buyers and starting conversations – these are all effective ways to use social media…IF you do them consistently. Over time, you will begin to grow your influence and reputation. Being consistent will earn you, not only awareness, but trust among potential buyers. People will begin to remember your name and refer you more often. You’ll also be seen as a valuable resource in the industry.


  1. Give Away Home Buying Education

Many experienced real estate agents are full of knowledge and expertise that the average person doesn’t have. However, most of the time their wisdom only makes an appearance when they are actively engaged with potential customers. One way for you, as an experienced real estate agent, to stand out is by providing that valuable knowledge to people in an accessible and “always available” way. An easy way to do this is by creating content like an eBook or video series that you offer to the public for free. This will serve multiple purposes. It will position you as a go-to expert who “wrote the book on it”, and it will allow you to capture high-quality leads – people actively searching for homes. They will come to you already trusting and feeling comfortable with you because of the value you have provided.


  1. Use 3D Virtual Tour Technology to Get High-Quality Leads

Innovation in any industry sets you apart from the competition. One of the best ways to use innovative technology in real estate is by providing 3D virtual tours of your listings. 3D virtual tours allow you to save countless hours that you would spend showing homes to potential buyers. People can tour the home online and get a strong sense of interest toward it by being visually immersed and getting emotionally engaged. By the time they contact you they are highly interested and much more ready to buy. Listings that feature a virtual tour are far more likely to produce high-quality leads via phone calls and emails. This is a step beyond just providing 2D photos that give a limited feel of a property. Buyers can search online and make much of the buying decisions before speaking to an agent, thus saving the agent time, money, and energy in selling the home.

It can be challenging as a real estate agent to grow to the levels of success you envisioned when you began in the industry. It is possible, though. With the right tools and a consistent approach to marketing you can become a sought-after resource for home shoppers. Put in the work, stick with it, and think outside the box.

To learn more about 3D virtual tours, go here.

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