Why Home Sellers Should Be Using 3D Virtual Tour Technology Right Now

Why Home Sellers Should Be Using 3D Virtual Tour Technology Right Now

For home sellers, presentation is everything. Marketing a home properly and getting it in front of potential buyers is only half of the equation. Any successful real estate agent understands how important it is to present a home in the most visually appealing way possible. More often than not, that means staging a home and spending time showing the home to interested parties. To get to the showing portion of the selling process, you also must first provide compelling visuals – high quality, well-staged photos of the property. Both of these marketing musts require time and money.

Like any experienced marketer will tell you, the most powerful innovation happens when you provide a product that saves time, energy, and money while also providing a better experience for the buyer and the seller. In real estate, time is money. Agents spend countless hours marketing their listings and showing homes. Buyers spend hours pouring over listings and trying to get a good sense of what they want and what is available. 3D virtual tours provide the perfect solution to both sellers and buyers.


Online Buyers

Most buyers now begin the search for a new home online. This fact is becoming increasingly more evident as more and more internet savvy first-time buyers are making most of their buying decisions before they physically visit a home. Providing high-quality visuals in the form of 2D photos is still effective, but home buys want a better sense of how a home looks and feels.

Buyers also look though countless online listings before deciding on a few that meet their wants and needs. Even then, the traditional online real estate experience has been limited to 2D visuals and written descriptions to paint a compelling visual of a home. There is a next level of online visual presentation available. 3D virtual tours are the answer.


Innovative Sellers

This not only works as a powerful marketing tool to provide value to potential buyers, it also revolutionizes the way real estate agents and sellers can market a home. Instead of hosting an “open house” and spending valuable time showing homes, agents and sellers can use 3D virtual tours to create an always-open house. This gives buyers a chance to tour the home whenever they like. With a better sense and feel of the home for sale, it also means that the leads coming to agents and sellers are much higher quality, as home buyers are much more ready to buy after a virtual tour.


More Leads – Better Leads

 Virtual tours get more attention online than traditional listings. More attention means more phone calls and more email inquiries. The result is not just more leads, but better leads. After a virtual tour, buyers are more emotionally engaged and are more confident and comfortable after being able to view a home on their own terms.

Agents and sellers can use virtual tours to show more houses, more quickly, more efficiently, and more cost-effectively than traditional showings. Buyers can view more homes in the comfort of their own home and make of the decisions about a home before ever talking to an agent.


If you are ready to provide the best experience to home buyers while also increasing your quality leads, 3D virtual tours are the next step. Contact us today to see how we can provide this incredible resource to your real estate business.

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