How Your Hotel Can Use Virtual Tours to Get More Bookings

How Your Hotel Can Use Virtual Tours to Get More Bookings

Are you curious about how virtual tours can help your hotel business and get your more bookings? The hotel business is competitive to say the least. To compete well you have to offer desirable rooms and amenities at the right prices, and you also have to market your hotel to get noticed. You want to show travelers the best you have to offer in a way that is memorable, and virtual tours provide the edge you’ve been looking for. Real estate agents have been using virtual tours for a while now to increase sales. It only makes sense that hotels take advantage of the technology to do the same.

Here’s how you can use virtual tours to get more bookings and happier customers.

  1. Take Advantage of Online Search

When it comes to travel planning, nearly everyone begins their search the same way nowadays: online. In fact, around 90% of travelers will search online at some point during their planning and 80 % of those people will book online. No doubt, those numbers will only increase over time. The point is that if you aren’t making your hotel attractive to people searching online, then you will miss out a huge opportunity. When you use virtual tours, you will improve your search engine rankings on sites like Google bringing more people to your listing. Virtual tours have been proven to attract more people and those people spend more time on site when interacting with a virtual tour. When you offer virtual tours, you will attract more visitors to your site, and greatly increase the likelihood they will book with you.

  1. Use Social Media to Get More Exposure

Billions of people are using social media sights like Facebook everyday. Four out of five people will use social media at some point in their travel planning. Whether it’s connecting with your brand specifically, past users who have visited your hotel, or simply seeing what their friends are posting about a hotel, social media can easily play a key role in how people choose a hotel. When you share virtual tours on social media sights, you only increase your chances of convincing people to book with you. Provide attractive content and encourage your past and present customers to share it.

  1. Boost Your Reputation

Reviews can make or break a hotel business. 93% of travelers say that online reviews played a role in their decision to book a hotel. When you offer a virtual tour of your hotel offerings, customers have a much clearer expectation about their stay before they visit you. You will provide the with a sense of security over their choice to book with you, making their stay better an improving their experience. You can also use virtual tours as asset in responding to negative reviews, which improves people’s impression of your hotel.

  1. Increase Visual Quality

Photography quality is a very important factor in travelers’ decisions to book a hotel. Virtual tours allow guests to explore your hotel at their own pace and to get a feel for it as if they were there in person. Travelers will be more engaged when they are given more comprehensive imagery of rooms and facilities. A virtual tour will give an accurate depiction of your hotel, which prevents lost bookings and disappointed guests. Virtual tours are often taken with high quality cameras designed to immerse the viewer and create as life-like an experience as possible. Simply by adding virtual tours you can see an increase of bookings by nearly 48%.

  1. Give Your Customers the Experience

As was mentioned above, virtual tours help customers experience a hotel as if they were there in person. This has tremendous selling value as most people want to see and “feel” the space they are traveling to in a detailed way. In fact, 2 out of 3 consumers want to see more virtual tours of businesses, like hotels. Aside from allowing customers to experience the rooms they will staying in, travelers can also use virtual tours to visualize events and meeting rooms.

Using virtual tours in your hotel business can be a game changer. You’ll separate yourself from the competition and produce happier customers. If you would like to learn more about how 3d virtual tour technology can help you get more hotel bookings, then talk with us today. You can also learn more about our specific services and technology by going here.

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