3 Reasons Hospitals Should Be Using Virtual Tours

3 Reasons Hospitals Should Be Using Virtual Tours


Have you considered using a virtual tour to enhance your hospital’s customer experience? More and more hospitals are jumping on board the virtual realty train to reach more people…and to save money. While it’s not always an obvious thing to consider, hospitals need to invest in marketing to ensure they remain successful. A large part of this is all about creating a comfortable and welcome environment for prospective patients. You want your facilities to be state-of-the-art, while also relaxing. Most of all, you need to people to see and understand these benefits.

There are plenty of ways hospitals have done this in the past, but consider using virtual tours to take it to the next level. Here are three reasons hospitals should be using virtual tours.


  1. They help prospective patients feel more comfortable.

Staying in a hospital is never an exciting idea. For a hospital to be truly successful, it needs to take certain steps to create an environment where patients feel welcome and comfortable. One of the best ways to do this is by inviting prospective patients to visit the hospital and have an in-person tour. Hospitals often do this in the form of open houses, where people can learn about the facilities, staff, and benefits that the hospital has to offer. However, an in-person tour can present several problems. Patients may not be able to walk around due to health problems, and certain areas of the hospital may not be accessible in person.

However, with virtual tours, a prospective patient can tour the hospital whenever they like, at their own pace. They can view any area of the hospital and see it in it’s most presentable state. Giving patients their own control over their hospital “visit” will help them see and learn about the things that matter most to them, making them more comfortable with choosing a hospital.


  1. They can create an “always open” house for people to visit.

Speaking of open houses, when hospitals open their doors and invite the community in to see the benefits of their facilities, it requires a lot of work. There is lots of planning and coordinating, not to mention marketing to the right people and hoping they attend. Holding open houses can become costly and requires constant preparation.

With virtual tours, hospitals can put their best foot forward and show off the facility at any time, whatever is most convenient for the viewer. This allows the hospital to show off the facilities in their best condition without having to clean, prep, and stage anything. The only investment will be in the virtual tour, itself – a huge cost savings over holding an open house event several times a year.


  1. They can reach more people all over the world.

One of the best benefits of all for hospitals using virtual tours is the ability to reach people wherever they are. Some hospitals treat people from all different parts of the world. It is very difficult sometimes for hospitals to show prospective patients in other countries the benefits of their facilities. Rather than have the patients make the trek to see the hospital or just take their chances and come anyway, they can see everything they need to give them a clear picture of what to expect. Hospitals can use a virtual tour for orientation during patient check-in procedures to show important areas such as patient rooms, waiting areas, cafeterias or other features a patient or family may see during a hospital stay. This applies, not just to people coming from long distances, but to anyone who will coming to stay.

Using a virtual tour for your hospital is an amazing way to put your best foot forward and display the benefits you have to offer without breaking the bank. With more and more people going online first to check out hospitals, it’s important that you stay on the forefront of innovation to impress your patients. You’ll help them feel more comfortable with their stay with you while also modernizing your marketing.


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