Home Builders Digital Showroom

Today's top new home builders design and construct beautiful custom and spec homes. Thousands of dollars are invested in architecture and landscaping, interior design and material selection and the only thing builders have to show off the quality and workmanship of their homes is a few photos on their web page and a photo album or two in their office or truck.
Houston - Miro3D Virtual Real Estate Tour

Miro3D's 360 virtual tours can capture every detail of every property designed and constructed and be used to create an online digital showroom. Builders are no longer constrained to a single model home with limited hours available showing. Instead, by creating an online digital showroom, they can capture and display all their best work for potential customers to tour at any time, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

The Digital Showroom Advantage

Win More Bids

Impress buyers with your workmanship and gain credibility. If you build homes, buyers interacting with the virtual home tour will create an emotional connection as they begin to visualize the spaces and see themselves living in the home as if they were actually there.

Simplify Material Selection

As soon as a new project kicks off the daunting task of material selection and color choice begins. What better way to lower the stress level a notch or to than to provide buyers a virtual preview of a similar feature made with the same materials that they are struggling to decide on?

Document Your Work

Create an immersive walkthrough of existing conditions that can be shared and archived. Replace hundreds of site photos with a single tour at each phase of construction. Never have to open a wall to determine if a pipe was insulated to assure an inspector that the house is up to code.


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